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Magic Fingers icon

Magic Fingers
Learn how to give a perfect massage. Your girlfriend will be thankful!
Air Traffic Chief icon

Air Traffic Chief
Organize the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing. You can land the planes on either runway and exclamation marks let you
Bratz Kissing icon

Bratz Kissing
Help your favorite Bratz dolls to kiss their boyfriends in different places such as classroom, bedroom, mall and park, but you should do that without
Super Drift 3D icon

Super Drift 3D
Super Drift 3D is another cool racing game created by Ridge Racer. Anyone can race, but can you drift?
Free Kick Duel icon

Free Kick Duel
Time for a free kick duel against some real football professionals. See if you can master the art of the free kick in this fun soccer game.
Little Mosquito icon

Little Mosquito
Become a little mosquito on a mission to ruin everyones outdoor pleasures.
Hanger icon

Use your rope to swing your way through 24 levels. Finish every level without losing a body part.
Euro Free Kick 2012 icon

Euro Free Kick 2012
Play this great Euro 2012-themed free kick soccer game and score some epic goals to win the football cup.
Happy Wheels icon

Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game. The only goal of this game is to reach the exit, alive!
Blocks 2 icon

Blocks 2
Blocks 2 is a classic block removal game. Your goal is to bring three blocks of the same color in a line to get rid of them. Try to complete a level i
Dakar Racing icon

Dakar Racing
Dakar Racing is a very fun racing game that takes place in the sandy dunes of Dakar. Select your desired vehicle and race against your opponents to pl
Dont Click The White Tile icon

Dont Click The White Tile
Dont Click the White Tile is a reaction-test game. Click as much black tiles as you can to score. Do not click the white tile or the game is over.
Escape From Luxury Apartment NYC icon

Escape From Luxury Apartment NYC
A man trapped inside the luxury apartment NYC. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and hel
Helicopter Carrier icon

Helicopter Carrier
You are a pilot of a helicopter and you need to drive your helicopter to transport goods to the specified destination.
Kill Da Guy icon

Kill Da Guy
Kill Da Guy is a fun puzzle game. Figure it out how to Kill Da Guy. Just find and click the interactive spot in each scene to wipe out that stickman d
KnockOut Memories icon

KnockOut Memories
KnockOut Memories is a cool fighting game. You need to beat your opponent using combinations of punches and kicks.
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4 icon

Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4 is a fun-addicting point and click game series. It is up to you to make the little hairy friend of your choice stop crying.
Monkey Go Happy Ninjas 3 icon

Monkey Go Happy Ninjas 3
In Monkey Go Happy Ninjas 3 70 mini monkeys are playing hide and seek with you again. For the third time it is up to you to find them all as you solve
Pan Man icon

Pan Man
All the ingredients are already put together, all you have to do is heat it through in a frying pan. Flip the pancakes like a pro to keep your friends
Qubed New Adventures icon

Qubed New Adventures
You have to maneuver the red cube to the exit door. Along the way you must collect stars for extra points, use switches, jump and split your squared h
Run Raptor Rider icon

Run Raptor Rider
Jump over rock fragments, duck to run the raptor through wholes and do a dash to destroy trees. A giant T-Rex is chasing you, trying to eat you. The f
Show Your Kolaveri icon

Show Your Kolaveri
Show the Kolaveri a lesson with beating him up. First give him slaps after that you can use weapons to kill him.
Speed Racer icon

Speed Racer
You have to finish each race before the time runs out. In order to reach the maximum speed you should collect nitro boosters along the way.

Go Go Agent Zero
Go Go Agent Zero
Energy Invaders
Energy Invaders
Parking Reloaded HD
Parking Reloaded HD
Magic Orbs
Magic Orbs
Super Jerry
Super Jerry
UFO Mission
UFO Mission
Sonic RPG Eps 8
Sonic RPG Eps 8
Monkey Go Happy Leprechauns
Monkey Go Happy Lepre..
Light Up 2
Light Up 2
Disco Bowling
Disco Bowling

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